Periscope 101: How to Live Stream Your Life—In Real Time!

Forget old photos and videos! Live streaming is the latest break-through in social media—and the Twitter-owned app Periscope is making BIG waves with its new, user-friendly updates.


With a simple touch of a button, users can instantly stream live video for others to watch. The team at Periscope describes the purpose behind the app as, “We built Periscope to let people discover the world through someone else’s eyes and in just a matter of days have taken us all around the globe — to nearly every country in the world.”


From a business perspective, we can assume that Periscope will play a key role in reaching new audiences, and ultimately generating awareness for brands, since anyone, from anywhere, can watch these live-streaming videos. A few ideas for using Periscope could be:

-Sharing “behind-the-scenes” footage

-Live streaming of speaking events

-Q&A sessions

-One-on-one interviews




Here are a few easy steps to help you get started:

1. Watch

After downloading the app and signing in, you’re taken to your feed. Your feed is where you will find current live streams from friends and random users throughout the world! Cool, right?















2. Stream

Now here’s the fun part—streaming your own videos! The first time you stream, you need to grant Periscope access to your camera, microphone, and location. After granting permission for all three, you’ll be asked to give your live-stream a title. For example, I titled mine below as, “At the office.”
Then, you need to decide if you want to give everyone access to see your stream, or if you only want to invite a select few. Also, you can have Periscope send a tweet on your behalf announcing your stream!

While you’re on-air, your audience can comment and you can view comments as they come in. You can also switch from the front camera, to the back camera on your phone, with a simple double tap.

Once you end the stream, Periscope will begin uploading the video automatically. But you can cancel the upload any time by tapping on the progress bar.














3. People

 Also, there’s a People section on the app. This is where you can follow more users, view who’s watching, and adjust your settings.













Overall, Periscope is a great app to experiment with to see if it would be a good fit for your brand. I would recommend taking a few minutes to learn the ins and outs of the app, and then have some fun with it! You never know, it may be the next BIG thing for you.


This post was written by Bethany Couture. Bethany is a Social Media Content Specialist with Media Connect Partners.