Lessons Learned from Home Marketing

*2-3 minute read*
I receive about 10 invites to Lularoe Facebook parties on my page a week. No, but seriously…. and that’s just one home marketing brand. I have Facebook friends who sell Young Living Essential Oils, Mary Kay, Avon, Jamberry Nails, PureRomance…the list goes on, and on, and on, and on….

I’m all for helping a friend out (and you are ALL doing amazing things), but I promise you,  I cannot attend your online party, go to your house party where you just share “how it’s improved your life,” or buy “just one” product to see how it changes mine all in the same week. It’s just too much.

BUT….I will take your social media marketing ideas and reuse them. How cold-hearted, right? Seriously, those annoying notifications have led me to see some really creative ways to get your audience involved! In comparison to the clients I work with, your numbers would probably be right up against our top client. That’s how well you are doing! Here are just a few examples below:

  1. “Tell us which leggings you’d pick for Valentine’s day, and be entered for a chance to win them.”
    a. Simplicity at its best. Easy call to action, great opportunity to win, fun prize-all great things. Working in social media has taught me that simple truly is best. If the video is too long; the audience isn’t watching it, if an image is too complicated and filled with crazy backgrounds and lots of text; it is ignored. However, a collage of two to five products to choose from with an easy “comment below” for a chance to win; you’re sure to get hundreds or even thousands of interactions.
  2. “Tune in this Saturday at 11 am to see my entire inventory on FB live!”
    a. Yes, yes, yes! Facebook live is taking the world by storm (for hundreds of reasons) but how cool is it that any individual on Facebook can use it? My home marketing friends understood this right away and created effective ways to get their network involved by using it.
    b. Creating an exclusive event just to show off their store inventory is a great way to intrigue their friends. If it’s first come, first serve, and you can ONLY see it at this event, then you are more likely to get more people to show up- which ultimately means more sales for you.
  3. “Invite a friend and you’re both automatically entered for a chance to win our newest style!”
    a. Tactics like this are totally addicting and the EASIEST way to trap…ahem, get your friends involved in something fun. This can easily be transformed into “Tag a friend in this post to share this motivational quote with them” or “Tag a friend who needs to read this blog right now!” Tactics like this bring your page more impressions, more shares, and of course comments.


To all my home marketing, genius, friends- THANK YOU! You are full of creative and amazing ideas that will work across many social media platforms for many clients.

Also, you work hard and you get to work from home and make money for your families, and that is even more amazing.

However, next time I’m invited to an online party I’ll probably just stick around long enough to some new strategy ideas.


This post was written by Ginger Marks. Ginger is a Social Media Community Specialist Lead with Media Connect Partners.