Connecting with Church Members and Visitors

*1-2 minute read*

Connecting with members and visitors is an important part of your ministry. If a member of your congregation doesn’t feel connected to their church, they’re not as inclined to get involved or give back. If a visitor is unable to easily connect with your church, they’re not as likely to return. You can have the best praise music in town, but if people don’t feel connected to your church they won’t be coming back to hear it.


Here are the top three things to think about when it comes to connecting with folks in the digital world:


  1. Make your website mobile-friendly
    Does your website have a responsive design? To check, pull up your church’s website on your smartphone or tablet and look at the display. If it’s busy and too hard to find key information, members or visitors may not be finding what they need to get involved.Does your church offer a variety of small groups? Great! Is small group information easily available on your website or mobile app? No. Then how do people know what you offer?
  2. Get social!
    When someone visits your church for the first time are they greeted and made to feel welcome? Great! When someone checks in to your church on Facebook are they seeing a post from two months ago? It’s important to keep fresh content on your social media channels in order to stay fresh in the minds of your fans/followers/members.Make visitors feel welcome on social media by giving them an inside look at your ministry. Show them the people who make up the church, so they can relate to them.
  3. Consider mobile-giving or text notifications
    When churches provide a mobile-giving option they can see a significant increase in tithes and offerings. Can members make a donation to your ministry with their smartphone? You may be missing out on members giving back. Having an easy way to give makes a big difference. If it’s too hard to make a donation, people just won’t do it.Text notifications are also an easy way to send updates and reminders to your congregation. These opt-in texts allow you to push event announcements, location changes, or parking updates to your members.


This post was written by Bob Aycock. Bob is a Social Media Specialist with Media Connect Partners.