Why market your Christian based business on Facebook?

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Christian Facebook Advertising

Christian Facebook Advertising

At Media Connect Partners we understand your businesses values and we understand Christian advertising on Facebook. Facebook has 1.3 billion users worldwide and with the ability to target your ads by demographics and other filters you can apply to show your ads to; Facebook Advertising is a great way to grow your Christian based business.

Media Connect Partners is the agency of choice for Facebook Advertising for Christian businesses. Since 2007, Media Connect Partners has helped faith based organizations grow their businesses through very targeted Facebook ads. MCP targets Christian Facebook users who share your company’s faith based goals and objectives and who are proud to purchase products and services from like minded Christians.

Media Connect Partners ultimate goal of growing your Christian based business through Christian Facebook Advertising is what we derive the most satisfaction from. Let’s have our Faith based team meet yours to learn more on how MCP can help grow your organization through very targeted and relevant Christian Facebook Advertising opportunities.