Oops Something went wrong

You know those messages you get from a social media platform when they are experiencing glitches, or when a webpage won’t load for you and it basically ruins your entire day?

oops somethign went wrong












They promise they’ll fix it and it will be back to normal shortly, but in a time of “NOW, NOW, NOW,” shortly is not quick enough. That just goes to show you, that even platforms that are all about making things easier and faster for you need breaks too. One thing working with social media won’t teach you is how to relax and take it one step at a time. But what if we did?

While we’re rushing to stay relevant, post the appropriate hashtag and get a huge response, we are stressing out, getting anxiety and checking grammar all at the same time. These are the moments that we get our own message saying, “Oops! Something went wrong!” Then we have to take even more time to go back and correct whatever mistake we caused.

In my experience, I’ve always been the person to not really admit when I made a mistake and I’d try to fix it before anyone noticed, only to make it worse. You know what happens when I take a breath, shake off the nerves and honestly admit to what happened? Everything goes smoothly and the people you admit it to will almost always have your back. That is way less stressful than dealing with what I normally do.

Whether we are at work, with friends and family, or focusing on our relationship with God, it’s always best to just admit when you are wrong, apologize and work hard on not letting it happen again. Mistakes happen, people and things (like social media platforms) have glitches and need breaks and that’s all there is to it. In the time of “Now, Now, Now,” there needs to be time for “hold on, take a breath, and relax.” Everything will run smoother after it. I guarantee it.



This post was written by Ginger Marks. Ginger is a Social Media Community Specialist with Media Connect Partners.


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