Get Connected: Social Media for your Congregation

The age of flyers, memos, and written invitations is over, and the age of digital information and invitations has begun!

What does this mean for your church? It means that you can connect with your church community at the touch of a button. Now don’t let this alarm you, rather embrace it and utilize it to your benefit, and believe me there are lots of benefits!

The two best platforms to begin with are the most common: Facebook and Twitter. Let us run you through the fastest and easiest way to connect with your congregation.


Twitter LogoWe often take Twitter for granted because honestly, how much can you really say in 140 characters? How much of an impact can you make? The answer… a ton!

You can use Twitter to connect with your church community by:

  1. tweeting Scripture regularly;
  2. making Twitter as a prayer request platform where you can DM (Direct Message) prayers back to people or organize a prayer community at your church to pray for people;
  3. reaching out to communities. Grow your church population by tweeting church service times, themes, and courses offered and encourage people in the church to retweet to their followers.
  4. connecting with organizations and charities that your church is affiliated with;
  5. advertising events and news on for the members of your church.


Facebook LogoFacebook pages and groups are the perfect platform to connect your community. But remember, there is a difference between a page and a group.

Facebook Page:
This is ideal for your church page because it is automatically open to the public, anyone can “like” this page and they will receive your status updates, posts, pictures, and news. This is a great way to get a mass message out, to advertise new church events, and to get more people aware of your church. You can also target specific content at a certain age group or gender.

Facebook Group:
This is perfect for smaller groups within your church like the men’s prayer group, knitters for Jesus, home small groups, and especially your Youth Group! You can make your group open to the public or by invitation only.  Groups can be used to update members on times for meeting, dates, venues, events, and even to set up invitations to events with a RSVP option so you can keep record of how many people will be attending.

Social Connections

Food for thought:
Social Media platforms can be used to promote the areas of your church ministry that aren’t well known such as prayer groups, small groups, and charities.

You could even do a social charity drive. For example: “If we reach $5,000 in donations for the elderly home we support, Pastor John will shave his hair off and post it on Facebook.”

Church is all about community, fellowship, and spreading the Word of God, roughly 25% of people on Earth use some form of social media. Use this as a ministry tool and get connected!