Don’t Be Left Out of the Trend……#Hashtags

Have you ever stumbled upon a post on your social media feed and wonder what the pound sign (#) followed by a specific topic or phrase might be? It’s a #hashtag!


What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is the pound/hash (#) symbol followed by a word or phrase. The purpose of hashtags is that it turns the word/phrase into a searchable link. This trend not only organizes and archives discussion topics, but creates a timely conversation for the whole world to join. For example, if you wanted to post about the Dove Awards, you would include #doveawards in your content to join the conversation.

Twitter is the birthplace of hashtag usage, though in time, other platforms have adapted to common hashtag usages. This allows more content on a large variety of platforms to be involved in specific topics of conversation.  Hashtags are the only common link across social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, Vine, and Instagram.


Benefits of a Hashtag:

Hashtags can help acquire more followers and increase visibility to your brand in several ways, promoted tweets or hashtag chats are an informal way of getting your followers together. More and more people are using hashtags to share and receive information on different social media networks. Start a hashtag to introduce a new product, launch a new campaign, get feedback from previous offers or spread the word about an upcoming event. Businesses can benefit from the use of hashtags within their social media marketing strategies. Having the ability to gather content and data from consumers can help businesses track success of a campaign or even the amount of times a hashtag was used. If you are looking to reach a new audience or establish a branded presence with your customers on social media, think about creating a hashtag for your next campaign.


The Future of Hashtags:

We’ve already seen social media networks come and go. Regardless of which network, the hashtag will remain. The easier a hashtag is to remember, the more likely users will be to include it in their posts. The hashtag must also be unique and related to the brand. If you’re planning to run a hashtag campaign across multiple social platforms, Tagboard is a great free resource to help organize your searches. Tagboard will search Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Vine for your original hashtag and present the results in a clean organized feed which updates in real-time.

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How to use a hashtag

Depending on your interest or what topic is trending for the day you could pretty much join any conversation you like. Below is a list of a few popular inspirational hashtags that are trending daily along with statics from tagboard on the average trend per minute/hour.

#believe: trending in 51 posts per hour

#God: trending in 74 posts per hour

#inspiration: trending 18 posts per minute

#motivation: trending in 19 posts per minute

#faith: trending in 2 posts per minute



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So….what are you waiting for? Join the conversation today!



This post was written by Karlene Scarlett. Karlene is a Social Media Community Specialist with Media Connect Partners.