Stay Fit While You Sit

*1-2 minute read*

Staying in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important to one’s overall well-being. While this can be difficult for many, it is especially challenging for those with a desk job. Here are five slightly amateur, but helpful tips on how to overcome the effects of having a sedentary job.

  1. Walk around when you can. Scary enough, it is said that sitting has become the new smoking and can actually lead to various illnesses so getting up and walking around about every hour or so would make a difference. Also, take advantage of your lunch break! Once you’re finished eating find a nearby park to walk around if you can or even just somewhere around the office.
  2. Drink lots of water and snack frequently. Yes, I said snack! But I’m not talking a bag of Cheetos and some cookies! Eating 5 smaller healthy(ish) meals a day, every 3 hours or so, as opposed to 3 larger meals keeps the metabolism moving and will help prevent weight gain from a sedentary lifestyle. Drinking lots of water is also an important habit to acquire. It aids metabolism and prevents you from feeling hungry when you’re actually not. Plus, taking those extra steps to the restroom won’t hurt!
  3. Download a mobile app. There are plenty of apps you can download on your mobile device for free! These apps offer an easy way to track your caloric and water intake, calories burned and more depending on the app. You can also create challenges with other users and friends! They also provide a suggested amount of calories per day based on your goals, lifestyle, and other factors. I suggest Lose It! or Fitbit if you have one.
  4. Workout! Maybe this should be tip number one…whether your thing is running, weight lifting or HIIT make time before or after work a few days a week to release those endorphins; they make you happy! You don’t need a gym membership to get a good workout in; there are plenty of workouts that only require body weight. Or, it could also be as easy as just taking your pet for a walk.
  5. Want to go above and beyond? Invest in a standing desk or an under the desk cycle to get your workout in while you work. This will also save you lots of time in the afternoon to do whatever you need to get done.

This post was written by Haylie Schaffer. Haylie is a Community Manager at Media Connect Partners.