Social Media for Non-Profit Organizations

social media for non profit organizations

Nonprofit Organization Social Media

At Media Connect Partners, we help nonprofit businesses and organizations (NPOs) make their mark online by using platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest to expand their reach, optimize their content, and increase their donations. We find inexpensive ways to reach out to sponsors, connect with other organizations and charities, and build a community of influencers who promote the nonprofit’s cause and/or brand.

MCP has worked with many nonprofit organizations to generate exposure and craft dedicated social media strategies that benefit not only the nonprofit, but the community as a whole—while staying true to the nonprofit’s goals and values. Every philanthropic and charitable foundation can benefit from a strong social media presence. Don’t fall into the Social Media Benchmark Study and be a typical nonprofit that only allocates ¼ of a full-time employee to run your social media. Media Connect Partners is here to help you create and share issue-centric content establishing thought leadership in your nonprofit’s area(s) of focus. Our nonprofit organization social media campaign will get your company noticed.